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India vs Kuwait

Highlights of the 2023 SAFF Championship Final between India vs. Kuwait show that India defeated Kuwait 5-4 on penalties to win its ninth SAFF Championship

SAFF Championship 2023: India vs. Kuwait Highlights: India prevails in a penalty shootout to win its ninth SAFF Championship title India defeated Kuwait in the thrilling SAFF Championship championship game to claim their ninth tournament championship. The game finished in a 1-1 draw during regulation time, and India won the penalty shootout 5-4. Alkhaldi from ...

BCCI, AJit Agarkar,Selection Committee

Breaking News: Ajit Agarkar Takes the Helm as Chairman of BCCI’s Indian Senior Men’s Selection Committee 2023

Cricket, the captivating realm of sports, undergoes a mesmerizing metamorphosis shaped by a multitude of governing bodies that assume pivotal roles. Among these influential entities, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) reigns supreme, wielding substantial influence over cricket-related affairs in the nation. The recent ventures undertaken by the BCCI have unleashed a ...